The Operators

Our operators are responsible for the general operation of the hydropower plant, including but not limited to: - smooth transitions between grid and island mode - hourly record keeping - emergency shutdowns - intake cleaning and maintenance This dynamic team of four adeptly ensures optimal operation of the hydropower plant throughout the challenges of both the dry and rainy seasons. In the dry season perhaps the biggest challenge is optimizing power output without letting the water level in the intake drop too low, which would create water vortexes that would destroy the pipelines. In the rainy season they are repeatedly faced with massive floods and have to ensure that the flood gates divert enough water to prevent sediment and debris from reaching - and destroying - the turbines.

Israel Lesikar

Israel is originally from Simajiro, and studied automotive engineering before switching to electrical engineering.

Saidi Maogola

Saidi is an electrical engineer originally from the Solar Power industry, where he was responsible for the installation and maintenance of solar power systems.

Operator 5.

Silvin R.

Silvin Nima

Zakayo Mamasita

Zakayo is another Simajiro local, and finished his degree in electrical engineering shortly before joining us at Darakuta.