Stay at our Mpingu Campsite!

Looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of Arusha, a quiet place to spend your weekend where you can recharge amidst Tanzania’s beautiful nature?

We would love to welcome you to Darakuta’s new Mpingu Campsite, located at the base of the Rift Valley only 2 driving hours from Arusha. Ideal for a short camping trip with your family over the weekend, there is something for everyone.

Go exploring on over 17,000 acres of wild bushland, where thanks to holistic grazing practices, wildlife and cattle can coexist. It is safe to walk around freely as there are no buffaloes or lions, but a multitude of other wildlife – ranging from fascinating reptiles, amphibians and insects, to leopards, porcupines, forest antelopes, small carnivores and a plethora of beautiful birds. Visit our iNaturalist project – Darakuta Goes Wild – to see what species have already been observed on Darakuta, and help contribute to the sightings when you come and stay!

Take a day hike up along the Kou River and see if you can spot our elusive river otter or a forest duiker, climb the rift valley escarpment and transition from hilly bushland to tropical rainforest, go birding or butterfly-spotting – or just spend the day relaxing and enjoying nature along the Kou River where you can take a dip in the cool waters tumbling down from the Rift Valley escarpment.

Mpingu Campsite Details:
Situated in the centre of Darakuta near the Kou River, Mpingu Campsite is also only a few minutes walk from a big kopje perfect for sundowners. Smaller groups can also camp directly at the Kopje. A guide and an askari are available per request.

Bring your own tents or rent one of our four-person canvas tents. The campsite comes with a toilet-tent, a shower tent and a large tent for cooking/eating.

Camping Fees:

All camping fees include a contribution to the surrounding communities, and remaining funds go straight to Darakuta Wildlife Protection, a non-profit association that supports all wildlife activities on Darakuta. This includes supporting our very own Darakuta Rangers who protect Darakuta’s wildlife and natural habitat by preventing illegal logging, bushfires and poaching.