Darakuta Goes Wild!

A Species Inventory

Darakuta's multi-use system, where ranching, wildlife and farming co-exist side-by-side, requires careful monitoring to allow proper management. Working together with PAMS Foundation affiliated researchers, we are performing a basic species inventory of Darakuta that will help us gain a better understanding of the species that already call Darakuta home. This in turn will enable better monitoring so that Darakuta can adequately conserve species and their habitats to promote a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem.

This partnership with research specialists, as well as with the wildlife and security specialists PAMS Foundation, will ensure that we stay at the forefront of effective conservation action.

The researchers, Michele Menegon (Museo delle Scienze, Italy), and Lucinda Lawson from Cincinatti University in Ohio, certainly look like they are having a lot of fun! 🙂

Fun and games aside, the researchers have already been able to define critical habitats as no-go zones for the cattle, and have set up a slew of camera traps that are providing invaluable insight into the lives of Darakuta’s more cryptic species; leopards, jackals, porcupines, duikers, civets and genet cats to name a few.

Michele has also set up an inaturalist project for Darakuta – take a look at the diverse array of species he has already catalogued under this link:  Darakuta Goes Wild

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